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How Often Should You Get Your Sofa Cleaned?

Many homeowners disregard the necessity of routine sofa cleaning in Melbourne for their precious and comfy sofas. And are also unsure about getting them cleaned regularly. But how often should you get your sofa cleaned? You need to know this! Only then can you understand the importance of it. To know more about it, read our blog to get more insights. Except for the actual time you spend sleeping in your beds, you spend much time doing more activities on your sofas than on any other piece of furniture in the house.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t frequently increase the frequency with which we clean our couches or our usual cleaning plan. In addition to bringing aesthetics to the room, sofas also give you the comfort of sitting and working on it. Such pieces should be given good care and are necessary to clean them often. 

Sofas can be the focal point of various family activities. Be it family gatherings or kids piling up after a hectic day in school, sofas are always going to be your best friends. Due to the regular wear and tear, it is necessary to clean them not only by yourself but by professionals. If you have pets and kids around, microfiber couch cleaning often is going to be beneficial to you. To know more about this, follow this blog till the end. 

Get Your Sofa Cleaned

Frequency Of Cleaning 

Certain activities produce large amounts of dirt and debris, accumulating under couch cushions and crevices in sofas. We don’t realize how much has accumulated or the damage it can cause to the health of our family and friends until we find ourselves digging the cushions for misplaced vehicle keys or spare change. Cushions and sofas serve as breeding grounds for bedbugs and dust mites in addition to collecting dirt and waste. After all, we do a lot of sleeping and napping on our couches when we pile up, crash, and snuggle up on play dates. Because of all these things, you can get doubts on subjects like how often should you get your sofa cleaned? 

What aspects can help you in assessing the actual measure of the frequency and how often should you get your sofa cleaned? The following are the factors that can influence the frequency of cleaning the sofas. These can help in analysing the regularity of the sofa cleaning: 

  • Regularity Of Use: A household with a lot of activity, whether from family or guests, often has a lot of people sitting on the sofa unwinding. Family rooms are frequently separate from traditional living rooms or even lounging rooms in homes. It is safe to suppose that family rooms’ sofas experience greater abuse than more formal living or sitting rooms. Therefore, increasing cleaning is needed with more usage. 
  • Type Of Material: The material of your sofa may have an impact on how frequently you clean it. Sofas constructed from fibres like cotton, polyester, rayon, and others are prone to stains, grime, and dirt. Families with young children and animals frequently buy couches with tough materials and scotch guards. While these attributes can reduce persistent stains, they still leave room for some discolouration and do not prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. More firm sofas, including those made of leather, acrylic, and other plastic blends, are less likely to let stains or dirt stick to the surface. Even though the material is more resilient, debris and filth still accumulate.
  • Type Of Care That You Take: Every household has its own set of rules. Some people can be very fussy about sofa rules; even though we don’t typically think about them. These regulations prohibit doing things like eating whether it’s a formal, family meal or just a casual snack or placing shoes on the couch. You can easily ignore the extra efforts to maintain our sofas in homes with children and dogs and even succumb to markers, crayons, glitter, and drool-covered pet toys. Under these circumstances, sofas obviously need additional cleaning.
  • Size Of The Family: Our sofas are likely to be dirtier the more active family members and pets we have in the house. In households with significantly fewer children and pets than in older households, sofas do not typically survive as long or maintain their quality. In general, a larger family equals greater use, which also means more cleaning. Therefore, the size and number of family members can also influence the frequency of cleaning.  
  • Methods Of Cleaning: You should clean spills from eating, drinking, and doing arts and crafts as soon as they occur to avoid the materials being ruined. The fabric of your sofa will determine the cleaning solution you employ. Most homeowners are unaware of the fact that sofas often have instructions on how to clean them on the manufacturing tags that are attached to the underside of their cushions. To determine the best cleaning options for the material of your sofa, they give the types of cleaning solutions that should be used. It frequently comprises:
    • Solvent-based cleaning solutions
    • Water-based cleaning solutions
    • Either water or solvent-based cleaning solutions
  • How You Clean It: More stiff materials, including acrylic and leather furniture, are easily cleaned with a wet disinfecting cloth. Ask your furniture dealer or manufacturer if you are unsure of the material used in your sofa. Apart from obvious stains, weekly vacuuming or brushing is adequate to remove food crumbs and loose dirt particles, especially underneath the cushions.

The above are the factors that help you in evaluating the frequency of cleaning and gives you the clarity to the question, “how often should you get your sofa cleaned?” 


A key element of the design and decor of our homes are the sofas. Because of this, you don’t mind spending a bit more on comfort and style. By extending the lives of these investments and keeping them looking their best, regular cleaning adds value. More importantly, routine cleaning gets rid of unpleasant odours and dangerous allergies. It is advised that routine cleaning take place at least once every week. If you match some of the conditions mentioned above, add more cleaning. Couch cleaning in Kew should be done at least twice a year, regardless of how busy the home is. To help you remember, several cleaning experts advise washing your sofa at the same time as your carpets. Deep cleaning is included in this schedule. Consider including your sofas in the deep cleaning of your carpets that you get done professionally every year.

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