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Upholstery Health Study

Everything You Need To Know About Upholstery Health Study

Upholsteries function as enormous filters, collecting and containing airborne allergens and microorganisms. Their ability to catch dust and other particles as they settle from the air is similar to that of an air filter; yet, like an air filter, it becomes grimed with time and needs to be cleaned to maintain its maximum efficiency. 

Considering that one in five Australians suffers from allergic reactions or asthma, this is paramount. By periodically vacuuming and scheduling professional couch cleaning for your upholsteries once every six months, you may reduce the number of allergens and bacteria in your house and enjoy cleaner air quality.

Indoor air quality and the number of allergens and microorganisms trapped in our houses can significantly influence us, especially those who suffer from allergies and illnesses like asthma.

However, only some companies that clean upholstered furniture are the same. By measuring how much dirt and grime our cleaning process removes, we can get a better idea of how beneficial a Karls Couch Cleaning Melbourne cleaning is as per the Upholstery Health Study.

Upholstery Health Study Service

Facts About Us

Using us for couch cleaning in Melbourne, people removed an average of 98.1% of typical household allergens from their upholsteries. Both feline and canine dander, as well as dust mite allergen, are among the most commonly encountered allergens.

Bacteria Elimination And Air Quality Improvement

The average home harbours roughly 200,000 bacteria for every square inch of upholstery, making poor indoor air quality severely threatening residents’ health. If you don’t vacuum regularly, the germs will multiply and spread through your home, making everyone sick. Because of how thoroughly we clean, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the air quality in your home after using Karls Couch Cleaning Melbourne. Adding sanitiser to our procedure has been shown to eliminate an average of 89.1% of airborne bacteria and 82.13% of upholstery-borne bacteria.

Here’s How To Get In Touch With Your Neighbourhood Cleaning Pros At Karl’s Couch Cleaning Melbourne

We hope to help you and your family relax regarding the safety of your home environment. Professional cleaning is a great way to eliminate allergens and bacteria hiding in your upholsteries if you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma or want to provide the healthiest possible environment for loved ones to thrive in. Ensuring your family lives in a clean and safe environment is essential, so call your neighbourhood upholstery cleaners at Karls Couch Cleaning Melbourne.