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Microfiber Couch Cleaning

Excellent And Complete Microfiber Couch Cleaning At One Place

Microfibers are made up of polyesters or a blend of polyester fibres which are affinitive towards oil, so the highly touched areas generally look soiled and dirty. So, most of the time your couch seems to be gummy has greasy stains and spreads foul odour and its cleaning is a challenge for many. But our Microfiber Couch Cleaning team is always ready to face this challenge and so you can hire our services anytime. Our team has highly specialised equipment for couch steam cleaning which gives you excellent results and you will be satisfied with our services as we maintain the fabric of your couch in its condition as it was originally. Thus, you can get a complete range of cleaning services in one place and so book our services as and whenever you want.

Microfiber Couch Cleaning

What Are The Advantages Of Microfiber Couches

As mentioned above, microfiber couches are made up of polyester and sometimes nylon or a combination of both. They are affordable and durable but they can quickly get dirty. Some of the advantages of Microfiber Couches are given below:

  1. Stain resistant: Microfiber do not easily soak liquids in spite of this they bead up and so you have enough time to remove the liquid.
  2. Home washable: Their fabric is such that they can be easily washable in your washing machine.
  3. No colour fading: You can buy any colour shades because they do not show any fading of colours while or after washing and gives you a long-lasting finish.
  4. Pet-friendly: Microfiber is a type of material that cannot be damaged by the jumping of pets.
  5. Allergen repellant: They are tightly woven and so a barrier is formed which repels all types of dust mites and becomes an allergen repellant.
  6. Do not deteriorate: Microfiber upholsteries do not deteriorate when they are exposed to sunlight, insects, water and mildew.
  7. Easy to clean: Any type of spots and stains can be easily cleaned with the help of mild detergent and warm water.
  8. Velvety or suede-like: It feels very soft and is breathable and becomes warm and cosy in every type of weather.
  9. Durable: They are tightly bonded with each other and so they are very durable with a very long shelf life.
  10. Reasonable: Other fabrics, like suede or leather, microfibers are not so costly and so they are very reasonable.

Range Of Services We Have For Microfiber Couch Cleaning

Couches are the centrepieces of your living room but they should be properly cared for if you want to get comfortable over it and so our Microfiber Couch Cleaning team provides a range of cleaning services. Some of them are explained here:

  1. Microfiber couch steam cleaning: It is a very special method of cleaning couches as the high-pressure steam is used to clean each and every corner of your couch through which all the dust and debris can be removed which cannot be possible with a simple cleaning. So, hire our professionals for steam cleaning of couches.
  2. Microfiber couch deep cleaning: If you want to clean the whole couch or the requirement is to clean the bigger stains then contact our specialist team which deep cleanses your couch with the help of the codes represented as S for cleaning with water-free solvents and W-S for cleaning with water-based as well as water-free solvents. Contact us today.
  3. Microfiber couch stain removal: Microfiber fabric is stain resistant but when they get stained, you immediately need help and we easily remove all the stains with the help of various different types of stain removal agents.
  4. Microfiber couch Scotchgard protection: Scotchgard is a protective covering on your couch which helps your couch to remain free from dust for a very long period. Get couch scotchgard protection service from our company today.

Procedure To Be Followed By Our Professionals For MicroFiber Couch Cleaning

When your Microfiber Couch is durable and stain resistant, it does not mean that you should ignore cleaning. In spite of regular cleaning, they get dirty and so you need our Microfiber Couch Cleaning Services which has some unique and specific procedures for cleaning your couch so that you can get relief with regular cleaning of these couches. Our cleaning procedure is described below:

1. Microfiber inspection

Our process starts with a thorough inspection of your couch and identifying the problems related so that the correct cleaning process can be chosen.

2. Test for cleaners

After this process, the cleaning process is decided and our experts do some formal tests to choose couch cleaners. For this, a safe method is used so that your couch never gets affected.

3. Application of Cleaning agents

Various types of cleaning agents are applied so that the upper layer of dust and dirt can be removed. After this, deep cleaning is done with the help of various types of equipment for complete cleaning.

4. Use of Protector or Deodorising agents

After that with your consent, we apply upholstery scotchgard fabric protection and deodoriser to overcome the foul smell from the couches.

5. Post process inspection

In this step, we will do a final inspection and our technicians will suggest to you the proper care of your couch and the required drying time.

When We Will Be Available

If you want to clean your couch properly and if you think our services fit in every context and want to hire us for this then you can contact our professionals anytime because our service teams are ready for you 24 hours every day without any holidays. Get ready to book an appointment with us now.

Reasons For Getting An Appointment With Our Microfiber Couch Cleaning Team

Microfiber couch cleaning is really a tedious task and it can only be done with the help of some highly experienced professionals and so we will suggest you hire our services due to the following reasons:

  • Budget savvy service: If you want to save your budget also in addition to perfect cleaning then you should switch to our services. We always try to fulfil all your requirements at the lowest price possible.
  • Experienced service provider: This is a task of much responsibility as a single mistake can damage your whole couch and so you need an experienced service provider. For this, we have 20 years of experience and seem to be a good fit in this.
  • Trained employees: After hiring, we provide some sort of training to our employees through which we make them ready for the job and that is the reason each of our employees will do a perfect and praisable job.
  • Insured: Our company is properly insured so that we are covered for any type of accidents that may have occurred during the process. We will remain out of tension because compensation can be provided to our customers.
  • Knowledge of products: As we are experienced professionals, we have a thorough knowledge of all types of products and the chemicals which are used in these and how to handle hazardous chemicals, etc. Hence, you can trust us easily.


Does your company have the proper equipment for deep cleaning microfiber couches?

Yes, of course, our company has all types of modern and specialised equipment for deep cleaning.

Are your services available on the same day?

Sure, our services are available on the same day, within a few hours of your booking.

Do your services have some facility for post-inspection?

Yes, we provide services and then can come to inspect your couches at regular intervals.