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Couch Cleaning Cost

About Our Couch Cleaning Service

We are a professional upholstery cleaning company that provides the best services to our customers. We use the latest and most advanced technologies for our business to provide you with the best couch-cleaning service at an affordable Couch Cleaning Cost. We have been in this industry for many years and have developed expertise in providing upholstery cleaning services. Our team of professionals is well-trained and equipped with all the necessary tools to clean your upholstery effectively.

Our Local Couch Cleaners offer a wide range of upholstery cleaning services. We can clean your furniture, sofa, couches, and other upholstered items. Our team uses steam-cleaning techniques and environmentally safe detergents to provide you with the best quality service possible. We also have upholstery cleaning equipment on our vans such as powerful hot-air cleaners, vacuum cleaners and deodorizers for our customers who need special cleanings for their upholstery.

Couch Cleaning Melbourne Service

Why Should You Clean Your Upholstery?

It is important to clean your upholstery regularly. If you are not sure how often to have it cleaned, speak with our professional upholstery cleaners who will be able to provide the best guidance for your specific needs. Even, you will see, our Couch Cleaning Cost is very reasonable. 

Reasons For Cleaning Your Upholstery Are:

  • Cleaning upholstery can help prevent the growth of bacteria, which can lead to allergies and asthma.
  • Cleaning helps remove dirt and dust that accumulates over time.
  • It is important to have your upholstery cleaned regularly because it will extend the life of the fabric and make it last longer.
  • When the upholstery is cleaned, the upholstery will seem beautiful as there will be no stains on it.

How We Fix The Upholstery Cleaning Prices

The pricing of upholstery cleaning services is based on several factors and the type of upholstery.


  • The size and weight of the furniture
  • The number of items to be cleaned
  • The type of fabric
  • The location (e.g., city, suburbs, rural area)
  • A surcharge for stairs (if applicable)
  • A surcharge for stairs with railing (if applicable)
  • A surcharge for stairs with carpeting (if applicable)
  • A surcharge for stairs with difficult access points (e.g., tight corners, large pieces of furniture stored in the stairway)
  • Type and number of problems
  • Extra for additional services

Well, our Couch Cleaning Cost is currently $40 – $70 (inc GST) per seat. For more information, you should call our professionals. 

Why Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost More Than Carpet Cleaning?

The answer to this question is that upholstery is more difficult to clean than carpets. This is mainly because upholstery has a lot of crevices, needed and seams where dirt can get stuck. The fabric also has a lot of different materials that need to be cleaned, which can be a challenge for a machine. Unlike carpeted rooms, which are often rectangular and allow us to work more quickly since we can clean in relatively straight lines. But still, we always try to keep our Couch Cleaning Cost fully affordable and reasonable. To get a booking for Couch Cleaning servicecall our professional couch cleaners now. 

Upholstery Stain Removal

There are many ways to remove upholstery stains. We own the first step as identifying the type of stain and then finding the appropriate upholstery cleaning method according to your need. To avoid the hassle of removing upholstery stains, it is important to take preventive measures like vacuuming, wiping spills immediately and not letting dirt collect in the fabric. You can get upholstery stain removal treatments anywhere. We have been a trusted name in the industry for over 25 years and we have unmatched expertise in the field of upholstery cleaning and restoration. 

For removing stains like red wine, blood, rust, ink, juice, etc., immediately contact us. For more stubborn or unusual stains, our Couch Cleaning Cost can be increased by a little bit. If you have any queries related to the services, you can contact us at any time for information and our affordable upholstery stain removal treatments.

Fabric Protection Against Stains

Fabric protection against stains is a common need. And, we offer professional couch cleaning services with fabric protection facilities. We are specialized in stain protection.

We are a team of professional cleaners who have experience with all sorts of stains and fabric types. We also use the most advanced cleaning chemicals and machinery to ensure you get the best possible results. Our prices are highly competitive, so if you need a sofa or any other furniture cleaned, please contact us today. However, the cost of fabric protection varies depending on the size of the furniture and averages approximately $30 to $70 per seat. So, call us and hire our experts for minimal Couch Cleaning Costs


If you are looking for a great couch cleaning service at a minimal cost, we are the company to call. Don’t miss the chance to avail discount offers on our couch cleaning services, we have been in business for over two decades and offer affordable rates. We provide a range of services that are tailored to your needs. Our company is the right choice for you if you need couch cleaning services in your home with your preferred Couch Cleaning Cost.

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