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How To Clean Microfiber Couch?

Microfiber couch furniture is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its durability and comfort. However, keeping these pieces clean can be a challenge. An uncleaned couch might accumulate a lot of dust which can cause infections and allergies. Stains are another problem you will face in a microfiber couch. These stains can attract germs and bacteria and also damage the quality of your couch if they are not cleaned early. Hiring professionals can be one of the options for you. You can also clean the microfiber couch by yourself. Read on for detailed information on how to clean the microfiber couch. 

How To Clean Microfiber Couch

Cleaning A Microfiber Couch

Do you have a microfiber couch that needs a good cleaning? Well, you’re in luck! Cleaning a microfiber couch is a relatively simple and straightforward process that anyone can do with a few simple tools and a little bit of know-how. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your microfiber couch: 

1. Vacuum Your Couch

The first step to cleaning your microfiber couch is to vacuum it. This is a very important step before you clean your microfiber couch. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment or an upholstery attachment to get rid of any loose dirt or debris. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of your couch, as well as the sides and arms. Also, make sure to get into any creases and folds, as these areas tend to accumulate dust and dirt.

2. Spot Clean

Once you’ve vacuumed, it’s time to clean any stains or spills. To do this, mix one part mild dish soap with two parts warm water and use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to gently scrub the stain. Make sure to apply only a small amount of pressure, as too much can damage the fabric. Once the stain has been removed, you can use a dry, non-abrasive cloth to soak up any excess moisture. Spot cleaning is useful to clean your microfiber couch by removing stains and spills.

3. Shampoo And Steam Clean

For a deeper clean, you may want to consider shampooing and steam cleaning your microfiber couch. To shampoo, mix a mild detergent with warm water and use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the fabric. Once the fabric has been thoroughly scrubbed, use a vacuum to remove any excess soap before steam cleaning. When steam cleaning, make sure to use the correct settings for your type of microfiber fabric. Make sure you use a mild and good quality shampooing product in order to keep your couch safe from any future damage. 

4. Let The Couch Air Dry

Once you’ve shampooed and steam cleaned your couch, it’s time to let it air dry. To do this, open all the windows and doors in the room and let the air circulate. You can also use fans to help the process along. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight, as this can damage the fabric.

5. Vacuum Again

Once your couch has completely dried, it’s time to vacuum it again. This will help to remove any embedded dirt and dust that may have been left behind during the cleaning process.

Following these steps will help you keep your microfiber couch looking and smelling fresh and clean. If you would like a more thorough clean, you can always hire a professional upholstery cleaner. However, following these steps should be enough to keep your couch looking and smelling great for a long time.

Why Hire Professionals?

In case you want to get your microfiber couch deep cleaned, you must hire professional upholstery cleaners. Professional upholstery cleaners can help you in cleaning the couch and also other upholstery as well. Professional upholstery cleaners have all kinds of tools that are useful to clean microfiber couches and other upholstery. We generally suggest people hire professional upholstery cleaners at Karls Couch Cleaning if they live in Melbourne. This company is highly trained and experienced in this field. In case you want cheap and the best upholstery cleaning services, they are the best option for you. To hire them you can ring 03 6121 9049 and get your quote today. 

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