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How To Keep Your Fabric Couch Clean In A Natural Way?

Couches are one of the most used furniture pieces in every home. It does not matter whether you are lying down on the couch to work the whole day or spending the entire weekend there; your couches have your back. Couches are the best, the first thing notable in every visitor’s eyes. 

That is why it is mandatory to take care of your couch appropriately; otherwise, a poorly-maintained couch negatively impacts all eyes and bad perceptions of you. Every couch keeper needs to understand how to clean it and make the hygiene around primarily and if you don’t have any idea how to do it, you can hire a professional couch steam cleaning company for it.

Undeniably every couch undergoes wear & tear and other dirt & dust mites problems. The constant use of couches builds up unlimited bacteria and germs within.

Buying couchs of dark colours and durable fabric is not enough. You need to understand that it requires some prevention and caring tips for its maintenance. Now understand how to keep your fabric couch clean in a natural way. So know how?

 Keep Your Fabric Couch Clean In A Natural Way

Know The Expert Couch Cleaning Methods

Fabric couch cleaning is done with the consideration of many aspects. You can do extensive couch cleaning at home. You can do the cleaning process every six months and every year at home. If you do the regular cleaning gently, then the deep couch cleaning will not take much longer at the moment of deep cleaning. 

Clean Stubborn Stains From The Couch

When it comes to cleaning the couch, the first thing to consider is stubborn stain removal. The stains usually make the couch look messy and dirty. These messy stains are way more notorious than you can imagine. However, a very small stain can also snatch out the real charm of the couch. So remove all those stubborn stains right now: 

  • It is important to clean the stains from the surface and couches as soon as possible. The longer stains will stay, the worst it gets on. You should get rid of the stains immediately. It does not matter what kind of stains these are, but the first step is to wipe them off. Clean it with a cloth first. Use the dabbing process to clean the stains; do not spread it while cleaning other parts. 
  • When something drops down over the couch, people get panic and make the stain stubborn and tougher. Instead, it is better to use the right cleaning-based solutions for the fabric. Moreover, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean the stubborn stains. For delicate couch fabrics, shampooing is a better option to pick. In case there is imprinted “S,” – it’s not the water-based cleaner, whereas the printed “W” is water-based detergent. 
  • It’s easy to clean the food stains, but it is a bit harder to manage the tougher and stubborn stains. Use the proper couch washing technique for the stain removal process. There are multiple stains, which used to stay for longer. You can still work on those stubborn stains and make them less prominent. Use an additional cover or pillow so that one can remove the stains with the removable cover or apply for Scotchguard protection at the very first. 
  • DIY Stain Removal is also a better option for stain removal. Mix 2 tablespoons of detergent and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of baking soda; blend them all for the stubborn stain removal. Before you apply the solution over the stain, first try this on extra fabric to test the cleaning solutions. 

Deep Couch Cleaning

You must clean the couch thoroughly every 6 months or at least 1 year. The best deep cleaning solutions will clean the couch from the depth and keep it healthy and bacteria germs free. You must first use a vacuum cleaner for regular couch cleaners and cushion cleaning.

  • First, you need to pre-clean the couch with a vacuum cleaner. 
  • Suppose you have already installed removable couch covers and cushion covers. Use mild cleaning detergent to clean the stains in the washing machine. Loosen up dust and grime for the advisable cleaning of stubborn stains. 
  • Use the rotating cleaning brush and mild detergent solutions to clean the stubborn stains from the couch surface. You can do couch shampooing for the stain removal process. 
  • After cleaning the stain, keep the couch under the sun for a few hours to dry it as soon as possible. The damp couch can stink after some time; that is why drying it instantly is important. 
  • Once the couch is cleaned and dry, use perfume and scent to freshen the space up. 

End Note

If you want to clean the couches at home. Then use the above-demonstrated details to clean the couches thoroughly. Rest, you can check and ask the professionals for some advisable tips and tricks.

Daniel Walker (28)

Daniel Walker