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10 Amazing Hacks To Give Your Old Sofa New Life!

Do you want to know the 10 amazing hacks to give your old sofa new life? Maybe yes, you will love to listen to all the hacks going to save your investment and make your sofa runs for longer than expected. Most often, the sofa is the one & only bigger investment people make in their home to get comfort. It will drive a completely new look to the room. However, we love to be on couches and sofas all day. Do not let the costly investment get ruined, when you yourself can save it from getting damaged. With lesser money and a bit of effort, you can make it look worth it. As experts suggest it is always good to hire a professional sofa steam cleaning company every 6-8 months too increase the life span of your comfy sofas.

Continue reading the below mentioned mind-blowing 10 Amazing Hacks To Give Your Old Sofa New Life. Let’s get started here. 

Give Your Old Sofa New Life

Refill the Cushions Worn-Out 

The foremost thing one should look forward to is to wearing off the cushions, which get caused the most often wear & tear. The cushions easily get unzipped and removed; therefore they can be relatively fixed. It would be better to get new and thick foam & use them on the old ones to make them new alike. Now, wash the covers of your cushions. Crafting the cushions with refilling and cleaning the cover is the best idea to fix the old & filthy cushions. It will quickly help to restore the cushion again. 

Exposed Wood Surface to Play With 

Most of the sofas are wholly and partially made with wood; which might get damaged by that time. If your luck is good and you have exposed wood, it offers different other good options available to enhance the look of your sofa. A slight change in the colour of the stain can bring a different look and appearance to the furniture. You can apply chalk to refresh and colour the dark wood. Wood accents are hand-painted which highlight details or allow for coordination with other decor options existing in the room. Mould can readily harm exposed wood on your sofa, so cover the wood as soon as possible to avoid having to hire a couch mould removal service.

A Vibrant Throw Pillow is a Much Superior Choice 

Extending or replacing a sagging couch is a simple, inexpensive, and effective method to give your living room a new appearance. Fill the existing backrest pillow with throw pillows for a splash of colour. It’s up to you whether you want to match or stand out from the couch or the rest of the room’s decor with the colour you choose. Even better, brighten up the room with some throw cushions in contrasting patterns and hues.

Make It Look Like It’s Tufted 

If the cushions on the back of your sofa still look good but aren’t making an impact, colour isn’t your only option to add visual appeal. Another option is to upgrade it to mimic the look of a tufted sofa. You’ll need six or eight buttons for each pillow of matching colour (the perfect match may be hard to find, but if it is, you can opt for a contrasting or complementary colour), along with long needles and some heavy-duty.

Consider a Leg Transplant!

Do the hefty legs of your couch seem out of place in your medieval-themed living room? Are you currently sitting at the optimal height for comfort on your couch, or would adjusting it up or down be preferable? The good news is… Only a small fraction of couches include integrated legs. Most may be swapped out for one that better suits your taste simply by removing the old one and replacing it.

Dying Slipcovers 

If the design of your couch is solid but the monotonous fabric is leaving you cold, then maybe a splash of colour is the answer. Sofa cushion covers often include zippers for taking them off and on for cleaning, making this a simple update. See whether the cloth will absorb the colour by trying it out from an obscure angle first.

Experiment with a Nailhead Border 

If you feel that your couch is missing something, nail paint accents are a simple and inexpensive way to give it a boost. It has a formal appearance when used on leather couches, but it can be airy and lively when applied to simple, neutral pieces of furniture. Similar pins in various colours may be found in craft and upholstery shops, and a hammer is all that’s needed to drive them home. Is there anything simpler?

Customized Slipcover

Altering your couch with a custom cover is the most drastic adjustment you can make to it, short of reupholstering. You may always pretend to be competent in this important endeavour if you feel that your actual abilities fall short. Colourful ribbons, for instance, may be sewn (or even hot-glued) to the corners in place of the seams there, where they serve as a beautiful accent. You may “cheat” by using glue (melted) bias tape to make something unique, or you can purchase a cheap tool and some crimping pliers to do the job.

Do Your Tasks Close to the Couch 

Rather than buying a new couch, you may try rearranging the current one to better suit the room. A couch can’t be replaced if it’s a “permanent loan” from family or came with the apartment’s furnishings, for example. It’s not ideal to call attention to a subpar couch. You should instead use throw cushions and a blanket to cover and accentuate the couch.

Try Fabric Paint

Sofas with fabrics that cannot be coloured or are not easily replaced may benefit more from fabric dye. You may purchase them already coloured, or you can create your own using pre-made textile medium and latex paints, giving you access to an infinite colour palette. You may spray it on or apply it with a brush and your couch will look and feel brand new forever.

End Note

Above are the mind-boggling 10 Amazing Hacks To Give Your Old Sofa New Life. If you will use them, we assure you that you will get high-end results. So don’t wait and try them out. Rest, you can take suggestions from professional upholstery cleaners in Toorak to guide you. 

Daniel Walker (28)

Daniel Walker