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3 Causes For Dirty Sofa: Cleaning Tips

If you wish to keep things clean within your home then along with every other thing your intention should be to clean dirty sofa. There would be so many things lurking on the sofa and you would not even come to know. There are varied reasons that can make your sofa dirty. Here are some important causes and professional couch cleaning tips that can help you to clean the sofa.

Clean Your Dirty Sofa
Clean Your Dirty Sofa
  1. Dust mites and allergens

If the sofa is a bit dusty as in, if you have not done vacuum cleaning for a week then there would be an accumulation of dust mites. Soon, there would be many allergens and bad odours too. Thus, you will see that a bit of dust will attract more dust. To keep the sofa clean, your main intention should be to do vacuum cleaning on the sofa and all the areas around once a week. There would be too many allergens. You can ward them off by using a damp cloth over the sofa and just cleaning the same.

  1. Mold can also make the sofa look dirty

If you have not done cleaning over your sofa for a long time then there are chances that there could be an accumulation of mold. This can make the sofa look dull and smell bad. If you find that there is mold on your sofa then you need a couch odour removal and mould removal service. However, you can also mix vinegar and water and fill this in the spray bottle. Now, spray this mix over the sofa and then clean the mold with a clean cloth.

  1. Greasy stains on the sofa

There’s one more reason that would be making your sofa look dirty. Yes, these are greasy stains. If you happen to spill some liquids or greasy things on the sofa then there would-be stains on the sofa. If you do not clean them, they will become a breeding ground for germs. Hence, more germs will be attracted in that area. Take hydrogen peroxide and liquid detergent mix and remove the stains with a sponge. If you are not able to clean dirty sofa on your own then you can hand over the task to professional upholstery cleaners in Ballarat.

Apart from the above main three causes, there would be many other causes and these include things like pet dander, pet urine, chemicals from the paints or frass from the wooden furniture, etc. There can be many things that would make your sofa dirty. You need to know how they can affect you. So, find the details soon.


You must be pretty regular in cleaning the sofa and so you need to do the cleaning at regular intervals. If you keep it as it is then there can be issues such as germs and mold etc. growing on your sofa. So, follow the above cleaning tips and also understand the causes in detail. This will help you to take action very quickly. Deep cleaning the furnishings is also a vital thing to do. Take the relevant measures and make way for things that can help you. So contact us as soon as possible to solve your problem.

Daniel Walker (28)

Daniel Walker