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5 Professional Ways You Can Opt To Clean A Leather Lounge

Everyone thinks that cleaning a leather lounge is a very difficult task. But we must tell you that leather lounge cleaning in Melbourne is no rocket science. You can simply clean and restore a beautiful and elegant leather lounge at your house that will enhance the look of your space. Yes, now you can also make your leather lounge clean and dirt-free like a pro. To know the professional ways for leather couch cleaning, you have to read this article thoroughly. In this blog, we will be acknowledging you about: 5 Professional Ways You Can Opt To Clean A Leather Lounge. Further, it includes some steps and safe solutions to clean the leather lounge effectively. Let’s discuss the 5 Professional Ways You Can Opt To Clean A Leather Lounge

Clean A Leather Lounge

Professional Methods To Clean The Leather Lounge At Home 

As shared above, it is important to clean the leather lounge at home. Well, you may think about which effective and safe methods to use for cleaning the leather lounge professionally. So, below are the 5 Professional Ways You Can Opt To Clean A Leather Lounge. Let’s check them out: 

Removing The Debris

To remove debris from the leather lounge, first, take hand tools and vacuum them. Then, gently move the vacuum on the leather lounge, especially on the creases and folds.

After this, move to the next step which is using a brush attachment. Simply take a brush and attach it to the vacuum. Thus after attaching the brush to the vacuum, run it on the leather lounge. Nevertheless, brush bristles are very soft and cause no harm or any scratch to your leather lounge. 

Furthermore, then take a feather duster and lightly dust the surface of the leather lounge. Always remember to clean the entire debris from the lounge before moving to any other cleaning treatment. 

Doing Regular Leather Lounge Cleaning 

For cleaning the leather lounge you must know how to make a homemade solution that acts as a professional cleaner for it. Take an equal part of water and white vinegar and mix it in a small bowl. However, it’s best when you use water at room temperature. Regardless, tap water can be very harmful to your leather lounge. 

Then take a rag and dip it in the solution that is of distilled water and white vinegar. Now, thoroughly wring that rag and make sure it is damp, not drenched. Importantly, excess liquid will damage your lounge leather. 

Move to another step which is scrubbing the sofa. Scrub the lounge lightly from the top to the bottom. Thus always remember to scrub the lounge gently and even work on a small section first. Then repeat the same process until the results are satisfactory.

After this take a clean and dry rag and wipe the entire solution from the leather lounge. Moreover, remember to start cleaning the corner of the lounge first and then move to the next section. 

Treating The Stubborn Stains 

Thinking about how can you treat grease stains from the leather lounge? Grease stains on your lounge often occur due to hair and food. It is suggested to clean the grease stain first as you notice them. Clean the grease stain with the leather cleaning chemical. And after drying the solution, sprinkle some baking soda on the stain. Then wait for a few hours and remove the baking soda from the leather lounge with the brush. 

Now, the second step is to eliminate ink stains from the leather lounge. For ink, stain dipped the cotton ball in the alcohol. Thus, always remember while doing this never soak the leather. Hence, once the ink stain is lifted take a clean rag and dry the solution throughout with it.

Removing liquid stains from the leather sofa is a bit difficult. Thus, for treating liquid stains immediately clean them before drying. First, remove the liquid surface, then apply the cleaning solution to it. Apart from this, remember one thing to always dry the leather lounge with a clean rag. 

Another problem is cleaning the dark stains with a less coloured leather lounge. Thus for it take a lemon and at the same time apply cream of tartar. Apply this solution to the colour and wait for it to dry for 10 minutes. Now for the cleaning solution use a damp cloth on the leather lounge. 

Conditioning The Leather Lounge 

For leather lounge conditioning, make a homemade solution. Add some drops of lemon oil or tea oil with vinegar to the small bowl. Then with light hands just stir the mixture of lemon oil and vinegar over the fabric. You can also opt for a commercial leather solution for professional conditioning. Moreover, never use olive oil as it can damage your leather lounge adversely. 

After making the above solution apply it to the entire leather lounge. For this take a clean cloth and dip it in a solution. Now, gently rub the solution on the leather lounge in a circular motion. Further, allow the solution to rest overnight on the leather lounge. Make sure not to make the leather lounge too wet, as liquid damages the fabric. 

Clean The Lounge and Dry It

Lastly, gently buff the leather lounge to restore shine. Clean and dry the leather lounge in a circular motion with a rag. Moreover, you can repeat the above process after 6-12 months for cleaning the leather lounge professionally.


5 Professional Ways You Can Opt To Clean A Leather Lounge? Hoping this question is solved with the blog. You can opt for the above methods for DIY leather lounge cleaning. But for effective results and treatment, you can hire a professional lounge cleaning in Glen Waverley service. Moreover, by hiring certified and trained experts, you can get your leather lounge cleaned effectively.

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Daniel Walker