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How To Clean Woven Fabric Couch?

Couches are one of the most used upholstery in your house which gets dirty very easily. Further, if your couch is a woven fabric, there is more chance of getting dirty as pollutants are stuck on it frequently. Also, the couch is very expensive and it’s very hard to replace it with a new one. Therefore if you have a woven fabric couch you need to take care of them. Furthermore, in this article, we will share “How To Clean Woven Fabric Couch?”

How To Clean Woven Fabric Couch

Required Items For Cleaning The Woven Couch 

  • Liquid soap 
  • Scrub 
  • Rag 
  • Vacuum Cleaner 

Four Steps You Need To Follow For Cleaning Woven Fabric Couch 

Once you have gone through the ingredients, follow the below steps for woven fabric couch cleaning

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Take an industry-approved vacuum cleaner and use different types of attachments for cleaning the arms. Use them on each side and eliminate all the dust from the couches. Hence make sure you use the right attachment for woven couch fabric. 

2. Mix Soap And Liquid Water

Now mix the solution of soap with liquid water to dilute it. Thus, use this solution for damping the couch. Make sure you dampen the couch with a solution instead of making it wet. Also, take less portion of the solution. 

3. Use The Scrub

Take the scrub and use it in a circular motion. However, if the couch fabric is reliant then avoid using the scrub. In that case, you can use a soft brush or cloth. Hence if there is a stain on the couch be firm during the cleaning process. 

4. Remove The Cleaning Solution

Eliminate the solution from the couch by wiping it with a damp cloth.

How You Can Extend The Life Of Woven Fabric Couch?

To extend the life of your woven fabric couch, follow the below effective tips. Hence, the following are the productive tips that will increase the life of your woven fabric couch.

1. Vacuum The Couch

You must perform the vacuum couch cleaning once a week. Thus, this will keep the dust away from the couch and increase its durability. 

2. Flip Cushions

If your couch cushions are unfastened, then you must film them twice a week or at regular intervals. Hence, this will protect your cushion from the inside. Thus it will reduce your couch from wear and tear plus future damage.

3. Have Couch Covers

Further, you can even use the couch covers to protect the couches from pet scratches, direct sun rays and other elements that can hurt them. 

4. Eliminate Stains Immediately

If you or your kid spill any liquid, or food colour on the couch, make sure you eliminate them immediately as soon as possible. 


Above are some effective tips for How To Clean Woven Fabric Couches. Therefore, if you ever see a stain or dirt on the couch; Follow the above steps quickly. Also, make sure you have a good quality vacuum cleaner for cleaning couches.

Daniel Walker (28)

Daniel Walker