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7 Amazing Professional Approach To Deep Clean A Couch Cushion?

Couch cushions take unnecessary abuse in many and become victims of stains, mould, germs and unpleasant odours. Despite their use to bear a lot of tears and wear, they still need your thoughts on them like “how do you deep clean a couch cushion”. Once you start thinking about couch cushion cleaning, from breaking down the stains to pet hair removal, you can do everything. Moreover, if take professional ways for couch cushion cleaning and couch steam cleaning, then your cushions are set to make the best environment after cleaning. If you want to know professional ways on “how do you deep clean a couch cushion”, keep reading. 

Deep Clean A Couch Cushion

The Methods On How To Professionally Deep Clean Your Cushions

The first and foremost thing to do when thinking of “how do you deep clean a couch cushion” is to identify what kind of fabric is your cushion. As some of the common couch fabrics used are leather, cotton blend, linen and vinyl, you can confirm your fabric type by comparing them; taking those fabrics as the standard ones. Then, check the tags on the couch cushion to know what kind of cleaning methods and solutions can be used. For example, water-based cleaners, solvent-based cleaning agents, water-based or solvent-based cleaners, etc. Now, pre-clean the cushion fabric with the help of a vacuum cleaner. 

However, before a professional fabric couch cleaning method is implemented, a colourfast test should be followed for sure. After colourfast testing, different types of professional couch cleaning methods can be followed based on their fabric. Like below: 

Hot Water Extraction Method 

The hot water extraction method is also known as the steam cleaning method as it uses steam of high temperature. This high temperature is mainly used to get rid of dirt, dust, stains and many more allergens from the couch cushion. In fact, the temperature used in the hot water extraction method exceeds 212°F so as to produce steam. So, once this high-pressure steam gets into the couch cushion, it removes excess levels of moisture from its interior along with other dirt. Meanwhile, during this moisture and dirt extraction, one can also notice the presence of no sogginess after cleaning. Thus, a significant reduction in cushion fabric can also be noticed in due time. In fact, hot water extraction or cleaning is one of the most financially economical methods. 

Dry Cleaning The Cushion 

Despite their name, the dry cleaning method utilizes different kinds of liquids than water in order to dry clean the cushions. As water can become one of the causes that can damage cushion fabrics like silk, leather and wool, dry cleaning is done. Here in dry cleaning couch cushions, a variety of solvents are used that just clean the cushion but do not harm them. Liquid detergents used in this method for most of the cases contain Perchloroethylene and GreenEarth. Detergents in dry cleaning help in 3 ways as the following: 

  • Carries moisture in order to get rid of water-soluble dirt and soils
  • Suspends all those soils that are already removed in order for the cushion fabric to not reabsorb them
  • To get rid of loose as well as stubborn stains, detergents act as spotting agents whilst penetrating into the fabric.

Shampooing Of Couch Cushion

It is technically proven that shampooing the couch cushions every 6 to 12 months with professional aid makes them look fresh. Moreover, this method extends the lifespan and durability of cushion fabric. To shampoo the couch cushion, professionals use portable upholstery cleaners. Once the upholstery cleaner is taken, the backside of the cleaning tank is filled with a couch cleaner. And the water tank should be filled with clean tap water and everything is set for water-safe shampooing. After shampooing is done to clean the couch cushion thoroughly, vacuuming the fabric once again is mandatory. 

Encapsulation Method

The encapsulation method is one of the common methods used for different kinds of upholstery like couches, sofas and cushions. As their name suggests, encapsulation of dirt and dust is done here. In this type of how do you deep clean a couch cushion cleaning method, new cleaning products are used. It removes 85% of soil particles on average and sometimes more than that too. In fact, it is an interim type of couch cushion cleaning method as it is cost-effective and faster than steam cleaning. When encapsulation is done on couch cushions, the action agitates other dirt particles as variable speed is used. 

Foam Cleaning

When a cushion on a couch needs a special kind of cleaning, then opting for a foam cleaning method would be a better choice. Foam cleaning is one of those methods that easily gets rid of pet urine and stains. While doing this method, necessary foam solutions are applied to the couch cushion. Then, those solutions are left to sit on the cushions for a few minutes and then subsequently vacuumed once the solution is cleaned. In fact, chances of damage occurring to couch cushions can be avoided with this method. Because the amount of foam used during cleaning can be controlled by an expert. 

Carbonation Cleaning Of Cushion Fabric

Carbonation cleaning is a technique that gets rid of stains efficiently and promptly in a short period of time. Because when carbonated solutions are applied on the couch cushions, they get penetrated deep into the fabric. This penetrating action breaks down the grime and dirt of the cushion fabric. In fact, the concept of carbonation cleaning cushions is similar to the use of club soda on a shirt for stain removal. A method like this shows a powerful reaction when implemented and deep cleans the couch cushions in a more gentle way. 

If Applicable, With Washing Machine

There are some cushion fabrics that don’t get damaged despite the cleaning done with the washing machine. However, to confirm if the couch cushion can be cleaned via washing machine, then check for their tags. To make sure the couch cushions are not losing their texture and colour, a gentle cycle of cleaning should be done in cold water. After that, forced hot air is used in order to dry the couch cushions to prevent them from shrinking. 


It is always the best option if you take assistance from professional couch cleaners when your couches need cleaning attention. So, this is when you have to put away your thoughts relating to “how do you deep clean a couch cushion”. Usingstate-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date technology, experts produce remarkable cleaning results. However, when hiring professional couch cleaners, make sure they are certified, licensed, experienced and knowledgeable. If you are someone that is in emergency need of couch cleaning service in Cranbourne, contact them right away. Because there are many companies in this industry that take round-the-clock bookings throughout the year. 

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